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Paperless conference system1-Conference file management controller (including software) RX-M6100
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? Hardware: industrial grade motherboard; CPU type Intel processor; Frequency 3.1GHz or above; 4G and above memory; 1TB hard drive.

? Windows system to ensure compatibility and compatibility of third-party files.

? Preparation before the meeting (Set up the chairman and delegates; Add participants; Set welcome words; Set meeting topics; Arrange seat for participants; Upload meeting materials and set file permissions; Add voting and choose to participate in voting). In-session control (supports sign-in; Document intelligent distribution; conference-on-screen interactive presentation; External signal to terminal display; Terminal large screen on the screen; Conference service; Conference voting; Conference exchange; Interactive whiteboard); Post-meeting save function.

? Support client access mode; WEB access mode; Support administrator login, participant login; Support conference participants to preview conference materials; Support online editing annotation conference materials and upload updates online. Support historical meeting data retrieval archives.

? Support multiple administrators and super administrators. Meetings created by different administrators are kept secretly from each other. The super administrator has the authority to manage all meetings.

? 19” standard rack-mount cabinet. No more than 4U height in a 19” standard cabinet.

Model RX-M6100
Input voltage AC 50-60HZ 220V
Working temperature 0° -55°
External terminal RJ45\VGA\HDMI\DV\ serial port
Ethemet support 1000M Ethemet
Communication protocol TCP\IP HTTP
Max Power 250W
Operation system Windows7
Dimension 870x447x720mm
Color Black

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