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Full digital interpretation system-Two translation room RX-2W900PA
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Simultaneous translation between voice clarity, good sound insulation and other functions as simultaneous interpretation system, for fixed installation or mobile installation.
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? Comply with ISO4043 and GB 50524-2010

? Translation room full with anti-static, tasteless and flame retardant materials, the use of safe and comfortable. Inside the sound-absorbing material, sound insulation effect of 25 decibels.

? Around the Translation-room to use aluminum alloy frame inclusion, and easy to disassemble, it is strong and beautiful products.

? Product use articulated type installation method, when installation does not require any tools, only 15 minutes, can complete the installation

? The reverberation time in 0.3~ 0.5 seconds when Octave band width for 125 hz~ 4000 hz.

? The outward open the door, there are three ways of open door (inward, leftward, rightward), solve the limitation of the site, no noise when switch, door is equipped with observation mouth (size: 0.20 * 0.20 m)

? Front and side is equipped with observation window (0.87 m) high, high from the ground 0.79 m

? With low noise exhaust fan, ventilation system ventilation > 8 times per hour.

? When the long-distance transportation need RX - K2W interpreter carrying case.

? Can meet the two translators and sit down, in and out of the do not interfere with each other.

Size of room inside: LxWxH (mm) :1716*1716*2037

Size of room outside: LxWxH (mm) :1836×1836×2097

When the long-distance transportation need RX - K2W interpreter carrying case

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