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Digital Infrared teaching system  -IR wireless system main unit RX-M2608
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Restmoment RX-2608 digital infrared teaching system use Restmoment original digital Infrared wireless transmit and control technique. System stability, Strong anti-interference ability, high secrecy, easy of use, Convenient management, good sound quality etc. the system include IR wireless system main unit, IR receiver, loudspeaker and IR wireless MIC.
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? Adopt Restmoment full digital conference technology, compliant to IEC61603-7 and IEC 60914 international standard
? Adopt 2-8MHz, Infrared receiver will not be disturbed by high frequency driving light source
? Sound quality close to CD level ,
? Can adjust input sensitivity of each channel and adjust input level accurately.
? Main unit have 4 IR receiver connectors
? System have 2 line in, 2 line out
? Knock operation, easy of use
? Main unit have monitor function, can adjust volume
? System built in amplifier function, 4 speaker ports
? Separately level dynamic display
? Channel quantity 2CH, 4CH. Can with 2 or 4 wireless MIC
? Adopt aluminum alloy body which has ROHS certification
? 1U international standard design, could be put in 19 inch rack cabinet.


RX-M2608/02P/ RX-M2608/04P

Speech function


Power adapter DC 20 V, 3.25 A

Quiescent dissipation




Input sensitivity




MIC quantity

2/ 4

IR receiver connector


Frequency respond

20 Hz ~ 20 kHz


> 85 dB(A)

Channel isolation

≥75 dB


< 0.06%

Dynamic range > 90 dB
Built amplifier output power
4×30 W, 4× 8Ω
Dimension 214*212*54mm (1U)
weight 1.2kg
color Dark gray
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