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Wireless voting system-RX 6815 embedded armrest voting conference units Voting unit RX-6815/3B
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? Restmoment original full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC 60914 international standard
? Elegant embedded design, fashion and modern.
? Embedded on armrest or tabletop; Worked with voting panel and channel selector panel to achieve more functions.
? Speaking unit has protective cover to protect against dust and water. Once it is not working, the table is smooth
? Point to point connection mode, remote transmission won’t influence on sound quality. Distance between equipments could reach at 150m.
? The system is connected by audio connection boxes with “Hand in hand ring”. In “hand in hand ring”, the system will not be effected if there is a disconnection in ring.
? Support”PnP” to keep system’s safty and stability.
? Each unit has arbitrary distribution ID address, convenience for installation and avioding ID address repeating.
? Has conference sign-in, voting, selection, response and scoring functions.
? Conference main unit can activate sign-in, voting, response and scoring without software.
? Support key sign-in and making up sign-in function. Sign-in can be real-time displayed dynamically
? In combination with the corresponding software modules, conference main unit can be implemented:
? Parliamentary: agree/oppose/abstain, Pass-rate setup
? Multi choice/Opinion poll:1/2/3/4/5
? Audience response/Rating:--/-/0/+/++, could setup content
? Score: 0---100, practically participant person as average fraction
? Working with management software to achieve more functions.


RX 6815 series

Capacity of system

Depends on system controller, ≦ 65535

Compatible series

Restmoment 6 series

Working power


Working current

40ma, ±5%

Maximum power


Control type


Connection mode

Distribution box hand in hand connection


Big 6pin/RJ45

mode

Key sign-in


3 keys or 5keys

Edit ID number

Distributed by system controller

IC Card



Grey ,Black, Silver (Custom-made)


L X WXH: 135X52.5X44.3mm


Armrest Embedded or Tabletop Embedded

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