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Full digital interpretation system-4 Channel interpretation receiver unit RX-E304/XP
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? Adopt Restmoment full digital conference technology, compliant to IEC 60914 and CE international standard.
? Modularization embedded design, smart and fashion.
? Can be embedded on the table or under the table.
? Connected by net cable. Transmission distance can reach 100M.
? Frequency response can be 45Hz-20KHz; SNR is over 85dB; Channel separation is over 75Db.
? System self-checking function. Also it has hot-plug/hot-un-plug function.
? Receiver units can be used after be plugged. There is no complex setting up.
? System can receive 3+1 interpretation languages.
? Units are powered by controller; It adopts 24V safe voltage.
? Hand by hand connection in line, or be connected by distribution box or hand by hand connection in ring.
? No editting ID number for each receiver. It is convenient to add or deduct receivers.
? Built-in channel selector which can receive 4 languages. It has individual indicator light.
? 3.5mm earphone output jack. Can adjust volume by dial knob.
? System has channel selector indicator.
? It has power off memory function to keep the channel number after power off.



Capacity of each controller


Capacity of system

Depends on the quantity of controllers,﹤4096pcs

Frequency response

45 ~ 20KHz



Dynamic range


Total harmonic distortion


Channel separation


Channel number


Working power

24DC, -5%

Working current

20mA +/-5%

Max consumption


Earphone output

16Ω, 250mW/32Ω, 125Mw

Control type


Channel indicator

Individual indicator light

Connection type

Hand by hand connection in line, or be connected by distribution box or hand by hand connection in ring.

Unit mount

8 pin net cable

Dimension of opening hole

91 x 35mm

Dimension of panel

125 x 46 mm


Grey, Black, Silver



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