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Full digital interpretation system-Full digital multi-language interpretation console Interpretation console RX-E9264
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? Restmoment original full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC 60914 international standard.
? 256X 64 LCD display. It can display conference information and working status real time.
? Aluminium alloy appearance.
? This system adopts 6PIN hand by hand connection.
? Full digital audio transmission technique; Point to point connection; Remote transmission won’t influence on sound quality. Distance between equipments could reach at 150m.
? Adopt full digital audio codec technology and digital audio compression technology. The sound is near CD quality after infrared transmission. Listeners have comfortable, natural and high quality sound finishing.
? Sampling frequency reaches 48K; Frequency response of all 64 channel can reach 30Hz – 20KHz.
? 8/16/32/64 (including floor channel) multi-language interpretation function and monitoring function. Working with channel selector or infrared system to extend the audience.
? Hand by hand in line connection between consoles. One interpretation controller can connect 80pcs consoles max. If one console has problem, other consoles can work well in the line.
? Built-in high-pass filter which can filter out the unnecessary low frequency component.
? Same channel interlock function. And it has channel occupancy light to make sure the channel’s uniqueness.
? Second translation function. If the interpretor can not understand floor language, he can listen to other interpretor’s sound to do second translation.
? Cough elimination function. Interpretor can turn off microphone shortly to prevent cough sound to conference hall.
? Speaking speed remind function. Interpretor can press key to remind speaker.
? Help function. Interpretor can press HELP to call operator.Preset language name either by the main unit or the application software.
? Preset 5 input language channel, and preset shortcut keys(a/b/c/d/e)
? Channel selector knob to choose input language channel easily.
? Preset 3 interpretation audio source output channel and shortcut keys(A/B/C) with channel occupation light.
? Microphone gain and EQ adjustable individually.
? Software can switch A/B/C output channel and turn off the console.
? Built-in IC Card reader.
? Built-in loudspeaker with volume control. If all microphones in the same booth are off and “FLOOR” indicator is on, the loudspeaker will play floor language.
? Allows an interpreter to override another interpreter in same booth supplying the same interpretation channel.
? Maximum 6 interpretation units can be installed in each booth.
? System has memory and playing back function.
? ON/OFF key for key tone.
? Built-in multi-channel intercom facility.
? System has arbitrary distribution ID address. Easy to install.
? Connected to interpretation controller individually. Or connected to system controller with other speaking units.
? Earphone output jack for headset earphone; Microphone input jack for external microphone.
? Microphone pole with speaking indicator light.
? Removable microphone pole, easy to be transported.
? Table top or embedded installation.



Channel No

8 CH,16 CH,32 CH,64 CH

System capacity

Depends on system controller, ≤65535pcs, single controller ≤80pcs

Frequency respond

30-20KHz(Human voice golden Frequency respond)


256X 64 LCD display

MIC type


sensitivity of MIC




Dynamic Range




Dynamic range


Resolution of channels


Total harmonic distortion


Working power


Working current

50ma, ±5%

Maximum power


Control type


Earphone output

16Ω, 250mW

Connection mode

Hand in Hand connection


Big 6 pin DIN (or Big 8 pin DIN)


Grey , Silver (Custom-made)


295(L) x 126(W)x 57(H) mm



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