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Programmable central controller-RX-M2700XP System Controller
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1.Restmoment original all digital conference technique.Compliant to IEC60914

2.RISC Embedded Digitaltechnical hardware structure,more reliable,faster

3.All digital audio technique,close to CD sound quality

4.All digital audio transfer technique,point to point connection mode,remote ransmission won't in fluence sound quality

5.Automatic test and recovery facility

6.According to equipment connection location,adjust ID No automatically

7.Built in input/output digital volum adjustment

8.4 work mode

    a.Limited mode

    b.FIFO mode

    c.Apply mode

    d.Voice activating mode

    e.4 output,80 multi-function units


System connection Diagram

RX-M2700XP front panel ports

1.Mounting hole for 19 inch stand

2.Front panel

3.LCD screen, adjust brightness and contrast

4.4-dimensional direction operate、control key

5.Switch,with electrifying indicator

6.Mounting hole for 19inch stand


RX-M2700 back panel


1.Power port:InputAC 100~120V,8A/AC 220~240V,4A 50-60HZ

2.RS232 interface(PC):Computer control system interface

3.RS232 interface(CCU):central control system interface

4.USB interface(CONTRUL IN): Function extension interface.Reserve for function extension

5~8.4 PCS 8P DIN digital interfaces(DRAGOMAN):4 channels conference unit output .Can connect all digital all conference unit equipment in same series

9.8PDIN digital interface(EXTEND):Extension main unit digital interface, connect to EXTEND IN port ofextension main unit

10.RCA Audio interface(LINK OUT): Audio output interface of system controller, can connect peripheral amplifying system or recording system

11.RCA Audio interface(LINK IN):Input interface of the third sound source

12.RCA Audio interface(LINK OUT ):Audio output interface of system controller,can connect peripheral amplifying system or recording system

13.RCA Audio interface (LINK IN):Input interface of the third sound source

14.6.3mm MIC input socket

15.Cannon balance interface MIC, connect MIC

16.RS 485 interface: Connect to camera .Cinnect positive and negative electrode correctly

17.2 USB interface (CONTROL OUT): Function extension interface. Reserver for function extension

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