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Tabletop unit-Table top conference unit RX-C/D2700XP
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?  Adopt RESTMOMENT conference technology, compliant to IEC60194.

?  Elegance desktop design, accord with ergonomics.

?  Digital audio transfer technique, point to point connection mode. Remote transmission won’t influence on sound quality. Distance between two units could reach to 100m

?  Power supplied by main controller. Input voltage is 24V.

?  Gooseneck pole and high directional electret MIC with red indicator light.

?  Units have double colors & high light LED indicator light.

?  Units are connected by 2M 8pin cable.

?  Hand in hand connecting for units

?  Support “PnP”

?  Built-in high fidelity speaker. If users open the MIC or insert the earphone, it mutes automatically.

?  Each unit has free distributed ID address, convenient for installation.

?  Double stereo earphone output, could adjust volume.

?  5 MIC working modes

l  Limited mode

l  FIFO mode

l  Apply mode

l  Voice activating mode

l  Free discussion mode

?  Co-operating with camera, it has video tracking function.

?  Camera always tracks the last opened MIC, and system can display conference in real time.

?  Chairman unit has priority, could switch off all the speaking units.

?  System supports 80pcs chairman units simultaneously. And specify one as executive chairman unit.

?  Except having all the functions of delegate unit, the chairman unit also has below functions:

?  Speaking priority

?  Can switch off speaking delegate unit

?  Can reject or approve speaking apply of delegate units

?  The position of chairman unit is free

?  There are many chairman units in a system



RX-C/D2700XP series


Table top chairman unit, delegate unit

System capacity

Depends on controller≤4096

Frequency respond


MIC type


Sensitivity of MIC




Dynamic Range


Total harmonic distortion

< 0.05%

Working power


Working current

40mA ±5

Maximum consumption


Control type


Earphone output

16Ω250mW / 32Ω125mW

ID edit

Distributed by main controller

Connection mode

Hand in hand


Big 8 pin DIN

Video tracking function



Dark blue


Table top

 Figure 4.2  ?Schematic diagram of function key on unit

1.        MIC: high sensitivity, red indicator light which lights during MIC opening.

2.        Gooseneck pole: gooseneck pole with electret MIC and red indicator light.

3.        MIC ON/OFF indicator light: Red means MIC ON; Green means delegate unit’s speaking is controlled.

4.        Cancel key: On chairman unit, it is used for switching off the speaking delegate unit.(only RX-C2700XP has it)

5.        MICON/OFF, chairman unit has speaking priority

6.   Built-in high fidelity speaker. If users open the MIC, it mutes automatically.

7.        Connector of unit: on the bottom of unit, it is connected to main controller or other units with hand in hand.

Note: Each unit is sent with a 2M 8pin cable (male/male) as standard.

8.        3.5MM earphone jack. As soon as inserting the earphone, built-in speaker will be switch off automatically.

9.        Volume control for earphone or built-in speaker.

1 Connection Figure


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