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Congratulations to Restmoment for winning the "Top Ten (National)Brand Award for Broadcasting Conference " in 2018

       In 2018, HC audio and lighting network cooperated with the authoritative experts, manufacturers, engineering companies and end users of China's professional audio and lighting industry. It lasted for more than 4 months, from millions of online voting, nearly 1,000 merchants voted offline, to the top 100 projects. Business assessment, expert teacher on-site review, Qi Tuo Cup ? 2018 HC Network audio and lighting industry brand selection activities top ten results officially announced. Top ten brands in various fields are born!

       After a fierce competition with major companies, Restmoment finally broke through the most rigorous review process and won the "Top Ten (National)Brand Award for Broadcasting Conference.
       Since 2004, Restmoment has won the first Top Ten Brand Award for Broadcasting Conference as a senior company, continuing until 2018.
       As one of the earliest independent research and development conference systems in China, Restmoment has been focusing on the conference system field for many years. It has cooperated with many Chinese and foreign large companies. The Restmoment Digital Conference System replaces the traditional conference mode with revolutionary digital technology. With its digital performance and easy-to-use software control, it meets all the management needs of modern conferences. Invested huge sums of money and manpower, and cooperated with many international famous companies to fill the gaps in China's international projects. It truly creates from China. It has far-reaching and significant impact on the the Chinese conferences.
       Fourteen years of winning the Top Ten (National) Brand Award is a certification of Restmoment. Thanks to the support and affirmation of Restmoment, We will continue to innovate in the future.

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