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Restmoment Electronic Table Card System – The Rising in the modern electronic table card
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       In the current era of the "black technology" leveraging the Internet era, the development of enterprises is also PK "Intelligent Production." The speed of data collection and analysis is accelerating and the efficiency of the operation of the entire market will also continue to increase. Every team in every circle faces new challenges every moment - how to create an effective supply and value chain for the industry. Therefore, it is especially important to have a valuable meeting. 2017, Restmoment Electron launched a series of new electronic table card system conform to the trend of the times. Its elegant appearance completely replace the traditional plastic, paper or copper table cards. Conference tabletop display device is a big smart innovation. As a result, Restmoment Electronics for business, government and other meetings upgrading, a new generation of electronic table cards is rising.
       After years of R & D, production and sales experience, Restmoment Electronics has launched the RX-6623/01, 8.8-inch single-sided electronic table-board RX-6623/02. 8.8-inch single-sided solid wood electronic table card RX-6622, paper table conference units RX-6613 and RX-6612, 5-inch touch screen high-end conferencing unit RX-6830 and other new products. New products make Restmoment conference product line more richer.
       8.8-inch double / single-sided electronic table card Streamline shape design. The built-in high-speed RISC embedded digital processing hardware to enhance the speed of the system, and to ensure that the system stability. At the same time, you can preset a number of custom pictures, display the name of the meeting. The theme of the meeting, names, positions, units, corporate LOGO are also. So the display is more flexible and rich. And the entire system can be expanded to 65,535 units.



       Table card conference system, using Restmoment electronic digital conference technology, comply with IEC60914 international standards. It has the ISO9001: 2000 certification, and the ROHs, CE, FCC, CCC certification; Microphone has built-in 24-point automatic feedback suppression. Sound in all channels is close to CD quality; simple and stylish appearance, it is ideal for high-end conference occasions; Full digital audio processing and transmission technology, point-to-point access, long-distance transmission of sound quality will not be decayed, the distance between the devices is up to 150 meters; With "Audio connection box hand in hand" and "hand in hand" connections ; The system has the hot-plugging function; Each unit has arbitrary distribution ID address to facilitate the installation and avoid duplicate ID addresses.
       The RX-6612 / RX-6613 Table Card Conferencing System is available in "Y-line", "Distributor box hand in hand" and "ring hand in hand" connections. One of the biggest features is that the built-in high-fidelity speakers will be mute automatically when the microphone is ON or insert the headset, effectively suppressing howling. System installation is simple. It supports multiple chairman units. Connecting position is no limitations and it has the privilege of controlling the whole conference. It is the ideal choice for government agencies, courts, lecture halls and international convention centers.



       The 5-inch touch screen high-end conferencing unit uses the Restmoment full digital technology which is same as the table card conference system. And the biggest difference is the 5-inch TFT 640 (H) × 480 (V) capacitive touch screen. The speed for view and operation is very fast. You can zoom in, zoom out, page view conference content and pictures. At the same time, this system integrates the control management, table card display, conference attendance, voting, information sending and receiving, picture display, data sharing and video tracking.

       Restmoment electronic table card system products with high performance, practicality, safety, reliability and other features. At the same time, it meets the networking, digital, intelligent, integrated conference system development trend. Restmoment electronic table card products with high reliability and operability, to meet all the management requirements of modern meetings. At the same time, the entire meeting is no paper, energy saving.
       Restmoment electronic table card from being launched, has been involved in all areas of application. Once again enriching the Restmoment Electronics "Histroy". In the future, once face the no paper concept advocated by the government, there will be greater opportunities in the digital conference market. It is believed Restmoment Electronics will create a more brilliant future!

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